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About CS in Welsh

What are Compound Semiconductors?

You may be more familiar with Silicon which has been the backbone of the electronics revolution from the 1960s. Being a single element from the periodic table, Silicon has a limited set of properties. CS have superior properties to Silicon enabling many new and innovative technologies and devices such as.

  • Power (power electronics for electric vehicles)
  • Speed (radio frequency for 5G and RADAR)
  • Light (photonics for optical fibre communications)

Compound semiconductors are a complex combination of different elements from the periodic table each with unique properties such as Indium (In), Gallium (Ga), Aluminium (Al), Nitrogen (N), Arsenic (As) and Phosphorous (P).

Compound semiconductors are everywhere

Compound Semiconductors are essential materials to modern and novel technologies such as 5G, driverless cars, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI).

About CSconnected

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