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CoInnovateCS 2021

CoInnovateCS is co-located with CS Mantech.

June 8th, 9th & 10th, 2021 will showcase the return of CoInnovateCS.

Following on from the success of our inaugural event in 2019, we have developed a 3 day succinct and concise agenda for 2021. The virtual CoInnovateCS event provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with experts in compound semiconductor manufacturing.

Virtually co-located with CS MANTECH in 2021, CoInnovateCS is interactive and fosters collaboration and innovation across the compound semiconductor supply chain by exploring industry-led, next-generation challenges and opportunities.


CoInnovateCS is more than a technical conference or a keynote speech: it is an opportunity to discuss the key challenges facing the compound semiconductor industry as new markets emerge. What do we need? How do we get there? How can I participate?


CoInnovateCS provides a forum for networking and connecting with companies, technologists and thought leaders. Only at CoInnovateCS will you find a group that is willing to take on industry-wide challenges. You will have an opportunity to showcase your technology, products and business and maybe find your next development partner.


In 2021 CoInnovateCS will focus on one of our three themes : Sensing, Connectivity and Power on each day. Our sessions are designed to be succinct for maximum interactivity and engagement.


Day 1 - Tuesday June 8, 2021

Sensing connects us to the world around us. 3D sensing technologies have been integrated into millions of mobile devices, LiDAR technologies allow autonomous vehicles to navigate safely in the complex world, AR/VR/MR Extended Reality technologies enhance our interactivity, and biometric sensors are continuing to provide healthier lifestyles. Compound semiconductors that drive each of these technologies have demonstrated the ability to improve our lives, but how do we ensure that these technologies are ready to scale? What are the industry challenges facing sensing technologies?

Day 2 - Wednesday June 9, 2021

Connectivity is our constant in the always-on world of today. That demands 5G wireless systems, telecom and datacom networks, and the datacenters that provide the content – all to work seamlessly. Compound semiconductor technologies are at the heart of this connectivity and have enabled our connected world – we are in the midst of a technology revolution that hasn’t happened for 20 years. And today, networks and systems and technologies all need to be designed to work together to provide optimum performance in ways like never before. What are the challenges to each of these? How do we get the most from the systems and the technologies?

Day 3 - Thursday June 10, 2021

Power technologies are rapidly becoming a major factor in energy conservation. It’s more than just automotive and datacenters that require high power, high efficiency components. And it takes more than just better materials to make these applications tick – it takes a lot of SiC wafers. Each EV consumes a significant amount of wafer area and a significant amount of existing fab capacity. In order to take full advantage of these technologies, we are going to have to ensure that SiC and GaN/SiC substrates, materials, and process capabilities are able to scale to meet this demand. How do we get there from here and ensure that we can electrify the world?

Join us on all three days or select just one - you will not want to miss out! Register today!


Tuesday 08

June 2021

Friday 11

June 2021


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