CSconnected SIPF - Integrating Research Excellence with our unique regional supply chain in advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing

21st April 2021

Project title: CSconnected

Total investment: £43 million

Funded Period: Nov 2020 - May 2025

Project partners: 

Project summary: This UKRI Strength in Places Fund (SIPF) project, led by Cardiff University, is building on regional strengths in advanced semiconductor materials and manufacturing. It will help South Wales’ compound semiconductor industry to create 3,000 jobs by 2025, increase its direct contribution to the local economy to £265m per year, and improve skills among local people. It will also give the UK a global advantage in technology for sectors such as 5G communications and autonomous vehicles.

Key collaborative research and development (CRD) programmes:

  • Next generation optical communications and sensing
  • Large Scale GaAs-based wafer manufacturing
  • Novel and efficient CS Wafer Fabrication Tools
  • Advanced processes for 5G and EAV systems.

Activities: In addition to the four CRD programmes, activities also include the formation of a central coordination activity to represent and promote the cluster and to develop regional educational and skills capabilities for the sector. The project will also encompass the setting up of a dedicated ‘home’ for the CSconnected cluster that will include meeting & conference facilities, an outreach hub and a visitor centre.

Evaluation and Economic Impact analysis Reports: Click here to access the library of the economic analysis reports from the Welsh Economy Research Unit. The reports evaluate direct and indirect economic impact of the CSconnected cluster.
CSconnected SIPF Reports



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