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Key partners behind the World’s First Compound Semiconductor Cluster presented at Wales Festival of Innovation event

20th June 2018

CSconnected partners presented at the “Find out what CSconnected, the World’s first Compound Semiconductor cluster, can do for you” event on Tuesday 19th June.

Compound semiconductors are set to deliver performance margins for a wide range of applications otherwise unattainable through silicon alone. The global semiconductor market is growing rapidly and is already well into the tens of billions of dollars. The outlook is positive, with smart, autonomous and connected products paving the future.

With around £300m of investment committed to date, the United Kingdom Government, the devolved Welsh Government, the EPSRC, Cardiff University and private investors have come together with industry leaders IQE, SPTS, Newport Wafer Fab and Microsemi to establish the World’s first cluster on CS technologies and applications, with its hub in South Wales. CSconnected will accelerate research into novel technologies, product development and innovation, as well as driving down the technology cost of ownership for consumers globally.

As part of the Wales Festival of Innovation, CSconnected partners showcased recent key developments in the compound semiconductor sector in South Wales and explore the opportunities this holds for organisations across the supply chain during an event held at Newport Wafer Fab. The speakers included key partners behind the Cluster:

Chris Meadows, IQE plc

Dr Drew Nelson OBE, IQE plc

Dr Wyn Meredith, Compound Semiconductor Centre

Dr Andy Sellars, Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult

Sam Evans, Newport Wafer Fab

Dr Paul Meredith, Swansea University

Richard Barnett, SPTS

Dr Phil Buckle, Cardiff University 

Martin McHugh, Microsemi



The Wales Festival of Innovation showcases innovation here in Wales through a number of events, run by companies and academia. It provides innovators with the opportunity to network with industry experts, showcase their products and services to potential customers and members of the public from across Wales and beyond.

ABOUT CSconnected:


CSconnected represents organisations who are directly associated with research, development, innovation and manufacturing of compound semiconductor related technologies as well as organisations along the supply chains whose products and services are enabled by compound semiconductors.

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