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Russell Group universities boosting the economy in every region of the UK

29th September 2021

Russell Group universities can be found in every region and nation of the UK and their impact can be felt across the country.

Whether it is providing a high-quality education to thousands of students or carrying out world-class research to find solutions to the major challenges facing society such as global pandemics, social inequality or net zero, the reach of our members is wide-ranging.

Research-intensive universities already inject nearly £87 billion into the national economy every year through their research, teaching, exports, local buying power and other activities – and they support over 260,000 jobs across the towns and cities of the UK – the vast majority outside London.

A high-quality university education delivers for the individual and for Britain: a single cohort of UK-domiciled students at Russell Group universities is estimated to contribute more than £20bn to the economy over the course of their working lives.

As well as high-quality education and turning innovative R&D into new jobs and millions of pounds worth of investment, our universities are important anchors for their communities. Whether it is working with local schools to help raise standards or preserving important cultural heritage, their role is wide-ranging and varied. Our briefing here contains many examples of the work that goes on across the country.

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