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New IOP report "Physics: Investing in our Future"

21st September 2022

The CSconnected cluster and partners have been highlighted in the new Institute of Physics report: Physics: Investing in our Future.

The report reads "Breakthroughs in physics have established the UK as a global leader in the development of transformative technologies such as photonics and compound semiconductors, which now underpin multi-billion pound industries and thriving economic clusters in Glasgow and Cardiff. Breakthroughs in physics are unleashing a new wave of innovation in areas such as advanced materials and quantum technologies, which promise radical improvements in capability across all major sectors of the economy". 

It also showcases the formation of the compound semiconductor cluster as a case study. 

This report is the first of the IOP’s programme of work aiming to unlock the full potential of physics R&D for society and the economy. It identifies the key challenges and opportunities in the physics R&D ecosystem, and sets out some of the changes needed to enable more, and more impactful, physics R&D to take place in the
coming years.

More: IOP launches research and development blueprint report | Institute of Physics

Report can be viewed here: Physics-Investing-in-our-future.pdf (iop.org)

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