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Compound Semiconductor components essential to new UK £2.5B Quantum Strategy

16th March 2023

Cardiff, UK.

CSconnected, the South Wales Compound Semiconductor Cluster, is highlighted in the new UK Quantum strategy announced by Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology on March 15th.

The 10 year plan will fund new frontiers of quantum research, support and develop the growing UK quantum sector, prepare the wider economy for the quantum revolution and ensure that the UK leads internationally in the regulation and ethical use of quantum technologies.

The Compound Semiconductor Centre, a founding member of CSconnected, leads Quantum Foundry (QFoundry), a three-year, £5.7 million project that is part-funded by the UK Quantum Technologies Challenge, via UK Research and Innovation. 

Established in 2020, QFoundry harnesses standard semiconductor fabrication techniques to scale up the manufacture of quantum components that are critical to a wide range of novel quantum system developments supported by the UK Quantum Technologies Programme.

Quantum technologies are increasingly seen as essential for ensuring the security of national infrastructure around communications, cybersecurity, defence and next generation computing.

CSconnnected is highlighted as a key regional asset which is essential to the long term success of the strategy.

Wyn Meredith, Chair of CSconnected commented: “Widescale adoption of quantum systems need a robust, reliable and volume supply of semiconductor components to integrate into products to deliver a return on investment on the science. QFoundry can perhaps be described as the missing piece in pathway to commercialisation, and the project is laying the groundwork towards a new UK quantum component industry. We look forward to building on the foundations that we have laid in since 2020, and being a key partner in the new UK strategy ”.


Chris Meadows
Camille Colombier

Wyn Meredith
Denise Powell

About CSconnected

CSconnected is the collective brand for a growing number of advanced semiconductor related activities in Wales, home to a unique community of academic institutions, prototyping facilities and global, high-volume manufacturing capabilities that collaborate across a range of research and innovation programs. CSconnected is uniquely positioned to develop a global advantage in a sovereign, key enabling technology which will allow Wales and the UK to increase trade globally in critical sectors such as 5G communications, autonomous and electric vehicles, advanced medical devices, and consumer electronics of the future.

In 2020, CSconnected received government funding provided through UK Research and Innovation’s flagship Strength in Places Fund (SIPF). The 55-month CSconnected SIPF project has a total value of £43million, supported by £25million of UKRI funds. It builds on Wales's regional strengths and integrates research excellence with a unique regional supply chain in compound semiconductor manufacturing.

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