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The world's first compound semiconductor cluster

As noted in a recent report by the CBI (CBI, 2017) skills are critical, yet we struggle to get provision right. They are central to an effective, national industrial strategy. For the UK to maintain its position as a leading global economy, investment in people’s skills is essential.


There is a growing Compound Semiconductor (CS) Cluster in South Wales, which currently directly
employs around 1,500 people and is set to see significant growth.1 These are high value jobs at the
start of the semiconductor supply chain and demand is expected to grow significantly over the next
five or so years. There are expectations that the UK will be at the fore of a global compound
semiconductor market predicted to be worth $140bn by 2023. However, it is a highly technical
sector with some very specific skills sets.

In order that the Cluster can grow and flourish as an area of expertise in this global industry sector, it is essential to ensure that the appropriate educational and training capabilities are in place. These are required to support the anticipated growth and to attract more talent and inward investment.

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