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Project Title: ESCAPE

Total Investment: £20M

Funded Period: Sep 2019 - Jun 2024

Escape website

Project summary:

CSconnected is proud to support the ESCAPE project. To find more information about the project, visit the website: Escape.

The goal of the ESCAPE project is to establish a globally unique and cohesive end-to-end supply chain capability for innovative SiC power electronics designed to service UK and global end user demand. The project consortium will do this by:

  • Aligning the UK SiC supply chain to be capable of the end-to-end supply of materials and parts to support UK power electronics manufacturing
  • Developing tier-1 products, based on a robust, secure and integrated supply chain, to production-ready solutions
  • Scaling-up investment in UK SiC fabrication through more funding routes
  • Aligning OEM requirements to ensure UK supply chain sustainability and aid the disruption of the market through SiC technology

The project will support the drive for electrification in the UK and globally, enabling the transition towards net zero emissions. ESCAPE will safeguard 66 jobs in engineering and 71 jobs in manufacturing.