Impact 2

Technical impact: MicroLink

MicroLink Devices has demonstrated ‘Made in Wales’ Multi-junction Flexible Solar Cells. Six cells were fabricated in the UK using the Swansea University facilities and engineers from MicroLink Devices UK (MLD). The cells (from a single wafer) were multijunction cells and were the first cells to be fabricated in the UK under the SIPF project. The cells are the MLD fully flexible, lightweight, high efficiency cells that are used on projects such as Zephyr.

Picture shows Microlink Devices flexible solar cells diced onto a wafer

Microlink Devices

Infrastructure impact: KLA

In late 2022, KLA broke ground on their new R&D and manufacturing facility in Newport, Wales, UK. With an investment of over 100 US$ million, construction on the new development is on target to complete early in 2025. This will deliver a state-of-the-art innovation center and manufacturing facility which will include offices, cleanrooms, storage and support facilities for up to 750 employees.

Picture showing the outside of KLA’s new R&D and manufacturing center. Courtesy of KLA


Infrastructure impact: Swansea University

The Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials (CISM) is a new initiative, including a £29.9 M research and innovation facility, to bring together semiconductor and advanced materials platforms to research and develop new technologies and products at Swansea University's Bay Campus. The facility offers R&D, prototyping and process development capabilities and also offers opportunities for incubation and industry partners to have development space and support and provide access to training and development.




Value of direct and indirect Welsh GVA


Manufacturing sales


Direct and indirect jobs

Source: Annual Report: Compound Semiconductor Cluster in South Wales (published by the Welsh Economy Research Unit)

CSconnected SIPF is a 55-month project with a total value of £43 million, supported by £25 million of government funding provided through UK Research and Innovation’s flagship Strength in Places Fund. CSconnected SIPF connects expertise, capacities and capability within industry, academia and governments in South Wales.