04th March 2021

Cluster news

News items related to CSconnected, the compound semiconductor cluster:

5 March 2020: In the news: CSconnected semiconductor cluster aims to encompass supply chain

16 October 2019: Report on Compound Semiconductor Cluster (CSconnected)

10 September 2019: Wales cluster aims to reshape global electronics (source: Financial Times) 

22 March 2019: Ambitious plans for the world’s first Compound Semiconductor Cluster awarded seed funding

04 February 2019: Cardiff Capital Region City Deal-backed Compound Semiconductor Foundry Recruits First Staff

12 November 2018: Cluster partners IQE, CSC and Cardiff University to participate in Challenge Fund programmes to develop and commercialise quantum technologies.

20 June 2018: Key partners behind the World’s First Compound Semiconductor Cluster presented at Wales Festival of Innovation event 

18 June 2018: UK Government gathers leaders from Wales’ ‘Silicon Valley’ to discuss sector’s international potential

27 March 2018: Cardiff Capital Region Cabinet Members Visit Compound Semiconductor Foundry to See City Deal Investment

12 February 2018: Wales Festival of Innovation presents 'CS Connected – Building the world’s first compound semiconductor cluster' 

20 November 2017: Discover new technologies, opportunities and collaborations at CoInnovate 2018

11 September 2017: Historic signing seals World’s first compound semiconductor cluster in South-East Wales

10 July 2017: CS Connected unites cluster (source: Cardiff University) 

05 July 2017: Compound Semiconductor Cluster in South Wales strengthened by multiple R&D programme wins

03 July 2017: Cluster open for business

Industry news

News items related to the compound semiconductor industry:

17 November 2020: Sam Evans - Business News Wales interview "Industry 4.0 and Enabling Emerging Technologies"

30 October 2020: CSconnected partner recognised with prestigious Institute of Physics Gold Medal

14 September 2020: Quantum LED to bridge industry gap

08 September 2020: Kier appointed for £30M CISM building project at Bay campus

07 September 2020: Rockley is recognized as one of the top-10 British Tech Companies to watch

04 September 2020: The Compound Semiconductor Centre is pleased to announce two new projects funded by UKRI under the National Quantum Technologies Challenge

24 August 2020: Cardiff University: Double first for electronics forum

23 July 2020: Cardiff University: Connecting the Compound Semiconductor Cluster 

16 July 2020: CSconnected partner recognised with prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowship for Dr Mike Jennings

15 July 2020: Cardiff University ‘Home of innovation’ reaches highpoint

21 May 2020: Can Wales emulate the Cambridge Phenomenon by creating world-leading sector clusters of its own?

20 May 2020: The potential of far-ultraviolet light for the next pandemic

12 March 2020: Compound Semiconductor Centre helps drive the ‘electric revolution’

6 March 2020: In the news: Newport centre to help drive electric vehicle revolution

4 March 2020:In the news: Government backs cleaner planes, ships and automobiles with £37 million boost

09 December 2019: £5m award marks ‘topping out’ of Cardiff University research powerhouse 

21 November 2019: Green Light For Industry's Problem LED (Source: Compound Semiconductor Magazine)

04 November 2019: Scientists spy unstable semiconductors (Source: Cardiff University)

31 October 2019: Kubos and CSC develop LED technologies (Source: Cardiff University)

30 October 2019: Honour for Sêr Cymru lecturer (Source: Cardiff University)

01 October 2019: Compound Semiconductor Centre and Kubos announce collaboration

04 September 2019: Scaling up the production of highly efficient solar modules 

20 August 2019: £1.3m funding boost for south Wales’ semiconductor industry

11 July 2019: Funding for new semiconductor research centre announced 

26 June 2019:  Institute for Compound Semiconductors (ICS), bridging the CS Gap

25 June 2019: Compound Semiconductor Centre wins Collaboration title at Made in the UK Awards

13 June 2019: The Compound Semiconductor Centre participates in new UK supply chain for advanced Power Electronics development

12 June 2019: £1.3M project award to UK Gallium Nitride power consortium

11 June 2019: Newport Wafer Fab Completes Multi-Million-Pound Refinancing Deal

03 June 2019: The Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC), CST Global and Swansea University collaborate on semiconductor product development

30 May 2019: Experts develop nanolasers on silicon

04 February 2019: Cardiff University: EPSRC funds CS Centre for Doctoral Training

30 January 2019: UK Universities Minister visits ICS

25 January 2019: CSC concludes pioneering VCSEL project

18 January 2019: European Commission Recognises Importance of Compound Semiconductors by Unlocking Up To €1.75 Billion for Industry Research and Innovation

08 January 2019: CSC announces successful conclusion of Innovate UK funded ‘High Efficiency VCSELs Manufacturing” project

01 June 2018: Cardiff University signs Innovation Campus deal

21 February 2018: ICS Ltd announces new product line of high speed InGaAs-InAlAs PIN and APD detectors 

19 February 2018: SPTS receives $37m in etch and deposition system orders from two GaAs foundries to expand RF device production capacity

24 November 2017: CSC wins Research and Collaboration title at 2017 Techworks Awards

15 November 2017: Project award to UK Compound Semiconductor MAGIC consortium 

03 November 2017: IQE and Cardiff University wins Economic Impact title at 2017 Business and Education Partnerships Awards

26 October 2017: In the news: Infineon selling IR Newport manufacturing site to new firm Neptune 6

12 September 2017: £1M development project award to UK datacomms consortium

01 September 2017: UK Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult Appoints CEO (source: CS Catapult)

12 June 2017: Cardiff hosts international VCSEL technology event  

08 May 2017: In the press: £38m for Newport foundry to make new technology behind 5G

Other news


Swansea University EPSRC iCASE and IQE Funded PhD Scholarship: Next-generation Wide-bandgap Materials and Devices

15 July 2024


Swansea University Fully Funded EPSRC iCASE and NSG Pilkington PhD Scholarship: Advanced Optoelectronic & Microelectronic Glass

15 July 2024


CSconnected welcomes Brandon Jones as Skills Manager

09 July 2024
CSconnected welcomes Brandon Jones as Skills Manager